Band / Performers Names

Performer, Band and Stage Names

When you register the copyrights of your songs / lyrics you can include your Band / Group / Stage / Performers Name, the details will be added to our records and certified within your issued registration documents. There is no extra charge or additional fees to pay, this service is included in the registration fee for submitted works.

There are many artists all over the world with stage or band names they consider their very own, however, the majority of names chosen are by and large regular or common use names or phrases which are often inadvertently and innocently duplicated many times. The person/s who can legally lay claim to a name is the one who can demonstrate ownership as from the earliest date. In other words the person who can produce evidence that the artistic name they use has been registered and documented as from the date on the issued certificate.

The ideal band or stage name should be:
    • unique and distinctive.
    • inoffensive, non-abusive.
    • easy to say / pronounce.
    • memorable (easy to remember).
    • eye-catching (when written down).
    • easily adapted into a logo.
  • meaningful and suited to your act / performance.
The registration of your Band or your Stage / Performers name is included free of any charge when you register your songs, music or lyrics.

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