Copyrights by Mail

All applications for copyright registration must contain the following information:

The name and a complete address of the owner of the copyright: some authors prefer to use pen names, rather than their real names, on their published works. You may include your pen name on your application for registration, but you must also give your full legal name. This is necessary because, without your legal name, it would be difficult to determine the full duration of the copyright, i.e., your lifetime plus 50 years.

    • A declaration that the applicant is one of the following: the author of the work; the owner of the copyright in the work; an assignee of the copyright; or a person to whom an interest in the copyright has been granted by licence.
    • The title of the work.
  • The name of the author/s.
Please read the instructions on this page carefully if you wish to submit your work using the regular mail system.

The four steps required to successfully submit your work:
    1. Complete the appropriate registration form CR3a, CR3-m- or CR3X  CR3 Forms.
    1. Make sure your work is fixed in a tangible form. Example; CD, Sound recording, manuscript, Lyric sheets, etc.
    1. Put into one envelope or package the following three items:
  1. Finally – Send the complete sealed package to this address:

Songrite Copyright Office,
St. Asaph, LL17 0BN,
United Kingdom.

Your completed package should contain the following;
    • A completed application form CR3a or CR3m or CR3X. (Please ensure it is readable)
    • The correct Fee  (cheque or international money order).
  • A legible and or audible copy of the work to be registered

If you wish to submit your work using our on-line submissions service please go to this page Online Direct.

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