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Copyright Registration of Songs, Music & Lyrics

Song, Lyric and Music Copyrights

Songrite Copyright Office deals specifically with the registration of song copyrights and lyric copyrights including associated and additional rights usually contained within original songs, music and lyrics.

Song writers / Composers who register their works with Songrite Copyright Office are issued with a distinctive CR3- Copyright Certificate which is unique and only distributed by Songrite Copyright Office.

Copyright registration of your songs also includes a detailed song composite document;

  • Affirming and supporting ownership of any additional / associated rights contained within a registered work
  • Album cover or artwork related to the registered works,
  • Artiste / Band / Performers name.

All copyright registration fees / charges are one off payments; there are no hidden extras, no additional maintenance costs and no top-up fees annual or otherwise.

A single Song usually contains several copyright categories which cover all aspects of a song

Normally, each individual song, recording, set of lyrics etc., is considered a separate work and requires a separate application and fee. However when registering your work with Songrite Copyright Office we include the registration of all additional rights as set out below….

  • The Music / Melody:…
  • The lyrics:…
  • The Arrangements:…
  • The Production:…
  • The Performance:…
  • The Artwork: (On the sleeve or album cover or CD)…
  • Artiste / Band / Performers name….
  • All of these collective copyrights are included and are verified in your registration documents….
Registering your copyrights online is simple;

First you login to your members account then fill out the online copyright registration form selecting the songs / lyrics you want to register, click submit button to upload your work, that’s all there is to it.

At the earliest opportunity a song / lyric reviewer will check your submitted works to ensure the content is complete and has successfully uploaded, the completed registration form is then checked for accuracy. If necessary, the reviewer may suggest changes are made to comply with copyright regulations

Payment of the registration fee is required only when you agree and approve the details are accurate and you are completely satisfied with the results as presented to you by the song / lyric reviewer.

Only members are permitted to use the online facility. To become a member please click on this link — Apply for Membership.

Further information can be found here Online Copyright Registration

Registering your copyrights by regular mail;

First step is to fill out the CR3- copyright registration form and print it out, (see copyright forms here) then package your work securely including the completed CR3- copyright registration form and mail the sealed package to Songrite Copyyright Office remembering to include all the required components . Further information can be found here Copyright by Mail.

Copyright registration becomes effective from...

The date Songrite Copyright Office receives the registration fee plus all the required components in an acceptable form as outlined. Registration documents are issued at the earliest opportunity. The time required to process an application varies and is dependent on how busy the copyright registration department is at the time.

The copyrights of your songs / lyrics / music are recognised, accepted and protected in more than one hundred and seventy (170) countries world-wide…

Copyright explained..

Copyright is established and actually comes into existence the very moment an original song, lyrical work or piece of music is created and fixed in a tangible and accessible form, such as it being recorded or written down. However it is your responsibility to provide proof you actually created the said work should a dispute or infringement occur.

Copyright registration documents are issued...

For the registered songs, music or lyrics and initiated and completed on the basis that the person/s named as the author/s is / are the original creator/s of the submitted works and the said works do not infringe or replicate any existing copyrights either knowingly or otherwise.

Copyright registration provides clear and indisputable proof of ownership of all music based works registered with Songrite copyright Office….

Do it Yourself Copyrighting:...

The practice of sending a copy of your own work to yourself in a sealed envelope or package is often referred to as “poor man’s copyright.” This “do it yourself” method of “copyrighting” is simple to by-pass and defraud which renders it totally unreliable and unacceptable as proof of ownership in a court of law.

There is no provision in the text of international law that recognises “poor man’s copyright” as a viable alternative to registration. Placing trust in this method to protect your work is not only misguided but foolhardy and will surely result in your loss and disappointment if ever put to the test.

Is copyright registration really necessary? ...

If you value your work and wish to protect it “Copyrighting”, or to be more precise, copyright registration is strongly advised. Proof of copyright ownership is not only essential it is also a legal requirement in a court of law. …

We reserve the right to refuse to accept any works or compositions that contain sexist, racist, profane, blasphemous, homophobic or otherwise abusive, discriminatory and / or offensive language; or are considered to be in direct breach of any known or existing copyrights …..

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