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Copyright registration is a simple, secure and effective method for laying claim to the rights contained within the work you have created. Rules and Regulations provide the governing principles and procedures that regulate the way in which The Global Copyright Office maintains and manages its services. These rules and regulations are subject to change and are often supplemented by our codes of practice to help maintain our high standards

Rules, regulations and guidelines that govern the registration of original works:

As a respected copyright registration service it is essential we remain trustworthy and beyond reproach. To achieve and preserve this status we maintain a firm adherence to the stringent rules as set out above.


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The information contained within this site is offered as a consideration to visitors and at no time should the information be construed as legal advice; for all legal matters, we encourage our clients to seek the assistance of an attorney. The Copyright Office is not responsible for policing, or checking on registered works and their use, and cannot guarantee that the legitimacy of ownership or originality in a work registered by Songrite will never be questioned.
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