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Copyright Registration Services:

All works are registered by the Songrite Copyright Office who are a respected international copyright registration service specialising in songs, music and lyrics. Songrite Copyright Office is a leader in the field of international copyright registration.

This copyright service is used by both professional and aspiring songwriters and composers to register and securely store copies of their original songs, music and lyrics. (Songwriters and composers deposit copies of their work as legal evidence and proof of copyright ownership)

The Songrite Copyright Office is based in the United Kingdom and deals exclusively with music based copyrights including lyrical works.

What happens when you submit your work?

When the copyright registration fee has been paid:

All registered works receive a numbered Registration Certificate plus a Ten Year Safe Storage Contract for the submitted works.

Each individual copyright registered work is stored in our secure archives for a minimum of ten years from the date of registration and is endorsed by a Ten Year "Authors Safe Keeping" contract. We issue to all copyright claimants who register works with this office. The contract commences from the date as stated on the issued copyright certificate.

You will be contacted prior to the expiration of the contract and offered the option of extending your storage facility.

An alternative and ineffective copyright system:

Some countries have no provision for registering copyrights and can offer no alternative other than the futile exercise of "Poor Man’s Copyright".

Should any of the following happen and you wish to seek redress;

A dispute over copyright ownership;

your work is infringed or plagiarised in part or in whole;

other copyright related misdemeanor;

You will be required to provide absolute proof of ownership which is acceptable in a court of law, unfortunately within the scope and extent of the legal world "poor man's copyright" does not provide this requisite proof of ownership and would not be acceptable as solid evidence. This alternative copyright method is deeply flawed and easily circumvented by anyone with a modicum of ability, rendering this practice useless and totally unacceptable as proof of copyright ownership.

Proof of copyright ownership:

A certificate of registration provides solid proof and affords the required legal evidence to support the named claimant as the registered copyright owner of the work as described upon the said certificate. (as from the date of registration). This unequivocal evidence can be used in a court of law to support your claim should a dispute or an infringement occur. We also retain backup copies of your work that are time stamped as from the date of registration.

There is no viable, affordable or easy obtainable alternative to copyright registration.

Band Names / Stage Names:

We also include the registration of your band or stage name when you register your works.

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The copyright registration of songs lyrics and music:


Safeguarding All Personal Information:

Protecting your privacy is important to us. We do not share, sell or exchange names email addresses or any other personally identifying information about our members or clients to any other organisation or agency.

Please read: 
The information contained within this site is offered as a consideration to visitors and at no time should the information be construed as legal advice; for all legal matters, we encourage our clients to seek the assistance of an attorney. The Copyright Office is not responsible for policing, or checking on registered works and their use, and cannot guarantee that the legitimacy of ownership or originality in a work registered by Songrite will never be questioned.
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